RV Camping with Toddlers

RV camping with toddlers

Camping and traveling are two of the most popular activities during the summer season.

RV camping is an excellent way to combine travel and camping for everyone without worries of not packing enough supplies and trying to avoid overpacking the family car.

Toddlers can be fun traveling companions as they explore a new part of the world with fascinating sights, colors, and smells, but they also require extra space for everything necessary to keep them dry, fed, happy, and safe.

Tips for Traveling in an RV with Toddlers


Organization while traveling is just as important as organization at home. Everyone should know where their personal belongings go and any additional toys, books, or activity materials when not used.

Sort, group, and store similar items or an individual’s items in a designated space. Organization is essential to maintaining a clean RV and not spending time searching for specific supplies while on the road.

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How do you travel with a toddler in an RV?

While packing bags, preparing grocery lists, and assigning sleeping spaces for the duration of the trip, it is crucial to include travel and camping expectations as a discussion topic.

Explaining what RV travel and camping are, what safety rules will be enforced, where everyone will be sleeping, what can and cannot be packed, and any other trip expectations will be set is crucial for pleasant and enjoyable new experiences on top of good behaviors and etiquette.

Older children, teenagers, and adults will be more aware of what will happen, but toddlers may need more time to let the information soak in.

How do you baby proof an RV?

Portable baby gates are ideal for wandering toddlers. If there is enough room, pack-and-plays are another option to provide a safe place for toddlers to nap, play, or relax without parental worry.

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Graco Pack ‘n Play LiteTraveler LX

Can kids move around in RV while driving?

When the RV is moving, toddlers should always be safely buckled in. Depending on the RV’s featured seatbelts and sitting positions, toddler car seats and booster seats can be attached using Latch car seats, top tether anchor seats, or traditional boosters.

How do I keep my toddler busy when traveling?

Lap trays are great accessories for coloring and drawing activities, playing with toys, or watching shows on tablets while traveling to the next stop. Review the information in the car seat’s installation guide if you are unsure where or how to install the seat within an RV.

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Kenley Kids Travel Tray


Show your toddler the maps you will be using for the trip. Highlight the roads, campgrounds, and other stops expected to be made.

They may not understand what each highlighted area symbolizes, but they will be excited to “see” where they are going.

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RV camping essentials

Changing Bag

A portable changing bag that unrolls into a changing station is beneficial for restrooms, in the RV, and while adventuring and exploring.

Toys and Familiars

Packing some of your toddler’s favorite toys, stuffed animals, or other familiar items will alleviate anxiety and stress and help create a more comfortable environment partially resembling home.

Protection and First-Aid

Sunscreen, bug spray, and shade are vital to reduce the risk of sunburn, bug bites, and staying cool.

First-aid kits should be fully stocked with age-appropriate medicines, a thermometer, bandages, cotton balls, antibiotic creams, allergy relief, wraps, gloves, eye protection, and anything else that could be useful.

Toddler Gear

Knowing where you will be staying helps make packing the correct gear easier. Strollers, backpacks, water packs, wagons, life jackets, camping chairs, high chairs, bikes, and other activity gear can be prepped and stored before leaving to save money on unnecessary expenses while away from home.

Extra Clothes and Pull-Ups

Toddlers can be messy, and, in some circumstances, the dirtier a toddler is, the more fun they are having. Always pack extra clothes, diapers, pull-ups, little swimmers, and wipes.

Sometimes RVs will come equipped with a small washer and dryer, but it is still better to have more clothes than you think will be worn to ensure there will always be something dry and warm to change into.

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Sleeping in an RV with Toddlers

Choosing Campgrounds

Family-friendly campgrounds are ideal for restful nights. During the day, there will be plenty of fun activities for children and adults while offering a peaceful night without rowdy neighbors or all-night parties.

Sleeping Areas

Bedtime can be a challenge the first few nights but should get easier with time and consistency.

To help toddlers feel safe and drift into sleep, use light-blocking curtains on windows, drown out any outside noise with white noise machines, and ensure stabilizing jacks are set up correctly to keep the RV from moving when there is movement inside or outside.

Heat and AC

RVs are generally insulated to provide extra protection from the weather. Setting the thermostat for a comfortable temperature, whether warm or cool, will help keep toddlers sleeping through the night.

Where does a toddler sleep in an RV?

Toddlers should always sleep on a bed with a baby gate or bed railing installed to prevent falling. If there is enough space in the central part of the RV, use a portable crib or a pack-and-play.

Some RVs are designed to have an extended back with an optional bunk bed. Converting the extended area into a nursery is an excellent idea to create a sleeping and playing area with a toddler bed or crib, changing location, toys, and the familiarity of home.

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