Can a 2 Year Old Use a Sleeping Bag?

Can a 2-Year-Old Use a Sleeping Bag?

Sleeping bags are an essential piece for camping. Whether staying in a tent, camper, RV, or even at a friend’s house or hotel, sleeping bags are commonly seen among packed luggage and outdoor supplies.

It may not be a well-known fact, but not all sleeping bags are created equal. Overall, sleeping bags have the same purpose, to keep the owner warm, comfortable, and protected while being used. However, sleeping bags are designed for different climates, temperatures, genders, ages, and heights.

Since men tend to sleep warmer than women, women must find a sleeping bag designed with body temperature differences in mind. The same is for children and adults. Adults will maintain their body heat longer than a child will, making kids sleeping bags vital for their well-being.

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Just as not all sleeping bags are the same, neither is every camping trip or vacation where sleeping bags will be used. The first step in deciding what sleeping bag to get is to determine where it will be used the most. Multiple indoor sleeping bags suitable for children are lightweight, smaller in size, and vary in colors and prints.

When looking for an outdoor sleeping bag, check for season and temperature ratings, size, and recommended age. A two-year-old toddler should never use an adult sleeping bag due to the risks of suffocation and hypothermia.

Adult-sized sleeping bags are much roomier than child sleeping bags and sleeping sacks. Due to the excess space, children are easier to get cold and fussy and have difficulties falling or staying asleep. Hypothermia can happen quickly, especially for children, if not given the appropriate amount of attention and precaution.

Since toddlers are wrigglers and less likely to sleep in one spot the entire night through, they easily find themselves trapped within the sleeping bag, resulting in suffocation. To avoid these hazards and ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep, it is reasonable to take the time to research different sleeping bags and find one that will meet your child’s needs.

Coleman Kids 50 Sleeping Bag

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Toddler Sleeping Bags

As a parent, we like to make purchases that will last as long as possible for our ever-growing children. Buying a sleeping bag that will last for more than two years is ideal; however, some items are best purchased as children reach particular ages and milestones.

Always choose appropriate-sized sleeping bags or sleeping sacks for children. Sleeping sacks used for camping are not the same as newborn sleeping sacks, but the concept is similar. Camping-specific sleep sacks will usually have fasteners over both shoulders that prevent the child from being able to wriggle out or to the bottom; the child’s head will always be above the fabric.

Using a child’s height is an excellent way to find the best size of a sleeping bag that is not too small or too large. The Morrison Big Mo Sleeping Bag, BabyDeeDee Travel Nest, REI Kindercone Kids’ Sleeping Bag, and the Big Agnes Little Red Kids are highly rated and recommended by product reviewers that frequently travel and camp with their families and toddlers.

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Sleeping bags are rated for season and temperatures. The thickness of the fabric will increase or decrease as the numbers change up or down. The thickness of the toddler sleeping bag is also crucial depending on the locations and anticipated temperatures of the camping or outdoor spots being visited.

How do I keep my 2 year old warm camping?

Season 1-2 is ideal for warmer areas, 2-3 will increase the bag’s thickness and be more suited for slightly cooler temperatures, and seasons 3-4 will be best for cold weather during camping outside of the traditional summer camping months.

Travel cribs and pack-n-plays are essential tools for toddler camping as they will keep your toddler lifted off the ground and provide familiarity to sleep time. Being lifted off the cold ground will help a two-year-old sleep better, stay warm, and be well-rested in the morning. Sleeping in an area with raised walls also helps keep the toddler in bed and safe from rolling off a pad or mattress.

What should a toddler wear to sleep?

Allowing toddlers to wear their favorite pajamas to bed is another comforting step to help with bedtime. If the pajamas are not footed pj’s, a pair of socks is recommended to keep their feet warm and reduce body heat lost throughout the night. A thin extra layer of pajamas will also help on cold nights. However, do not over-bundle since that will result in overheating, sweating, and discomfort.

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